The Most Common mistake people make when learning English

 The Most Common mistake people make

The most common mistake people make when learning English and probably one of the most common misconceptions is that people think that they need to study English and I say don't study English.

Now let me explain what I mean? What does studying mean and how do people usually approach this process and how do people perceive studying?

The Most Common mistake people make when learning English

Studying means getting knowledge about something by reading, examining it in detail or researching.We usually perceive studying to be hard, boring and something that you can usually complete and leave behind like a course or when you study in school you can't wait to finish it and forget about it.


When people think that they need to study English they usually think that they need to take a course or work with a teacher one-on-one for some time and that'll be enough.

When they finish it, they will know English and they won't need to go back to learning again.

Readers are they wrong well to be fair to each his own if your goal is just to pass a test like IELTS, then yeah you pass a test and you forget about it.

That’s why it's important to determine your goal do you need English to pass an exam or test? do you learn it for fun,  are you actually serious about it and you want to truly become fluent in English?

Do you need it for work or do you have an intention to move to an English-speaking country, a lot of people do need to just pass the IELTS exam, so they study for that they get their band and they just relax and stop because that was their goal.

 You can reach a certain level in English and maybe even a very good level but then what if you just quit practicing and using English, your skills will worsen ofcourse; you can take breaks from learning if you go a month without saying a word in English and not listening to anything in English you'll be fine but if this period expands to a year, you most likely are going to have to work on some skills once again especially speaking and you might forget some vocabulary that's why I prefer living English.

 What do I mean by living English?

 You need to surround yourself by the English language, so that you have no choice but to use it. You need to incorporate it into your life so much so that it doesn't feel like learning anymore but is just a part of your everyday life, part of your routine this way you will not forget English.

 You will not lose your skills on the contrary you will be only improving every day little by little. You probably won't even notice your progress because it's going to be a constant thing but mark my words one of these days you'll be told that your English is great and you'll be amazed by your English and you'll think to yourself but wait how did this happen that wasn't hard at all and that's the beauty of living the language.

 You improve while not even realizing it although it might not be easy at the beginning because it takes a bit of an effort and discipline but it'll be so worth it because you can't just stop learning and using a language and expect it to stay the same level have you heard the saying “if you don't use it you lose it.”

Skills need to be maintained when people go to college they can't wait to finish their studying and they do but when they do they usually proceed to applying everything they learned at their jobs. You need to maintain a language, so as not to lose it. It's just like with any other skill be it playing an instrument or driving a car after a big break you need to work on your skills, once again you don't forget them completely but they get worse that's why people always find themselves in this vicious cycle of learning English but never becoming truly fluent in it.

Becoming fluent in English is a goal for a lot of people but the road they choose to get there oftentimes isn't the one that's going to get them there by the road I mean the mindset with which people approach learning a language and the approach itself.


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