How much Does a Good T-shirt Printing Cost?

 Good T-shirt Printing Cost

Customized t-shirts are becoming increasingly popular as a fashion statement, and as a result, t-shirt printing companies are flourishing all over the world. It's not unusual to see someone sporting a customized tee, whether they're promoting their brand or business, expressing their individuality, or something else. The cost of printing a custom t-shirt design, however, is unknown. See how much it costs to have your design or artwork printed on a t-shirt in the sections below. 

How much Does a Good T-shirt Printing Cost?


T-shirt printing costs are largely determined by the number of shirts ordered. It's reasonable to anticipate paying Rs 500- Rs 600 per shirt at retail if you're buying in modest quantities. You may be fine with this price point if you're only making a T-shirt for yourself. When it comes to distributing or selling them, this is a waste of time. In bulk orders of 100 or more custom t-shirt's, you may expect to pay less than 500 per shirt if you buy 50 or more at a time. 

Maximizing your buy is always preferable, but you must use caution in doing so. n A loss may result if you purchase an excessive number. This is crucial if you're planning to sell the shirts or if members of your group will be responsible for the cost of the shirts. 

T-Shirt Production Costs 

When it comes to setting your selling price, your costs have a significant role. Before you decide on a selling price, you must first calculate your expenses. 

Some folks make an effort to go the other way. There is an attempt to fix the selling price before the product has even been put on the market. This, however, is a bad decision even if you do know the prices. 

Your T-Quality Shirt's Brand Name 

You should also think about the quality of the custom t-shirts you're selling, as well as the image you're trying to convey to your clients through them. For the finished shirt, you don't want to charge more than necessary if you are making it from the most affordable T-shirt you can get your hands on. 

As a rule of thumb, if your brand is known for its high-quality clothing, don't undercharge for it. Selling a premium product means you won't want to go head-to-head with the discount printer down the block on price. 

What Sizes Do You Have Available? 

If you're pricing t-shirts, you may want to pay attention to this. It's possible that this is a commodities game despite the wide variety of t-shirts design. S-XL t-shirts are frequently offered at a discount. Most of the shirts they offer are that size, and most people are only willing to pay for it. As a result, larger t-shirts typically cost more. If there are only a few persons on your team that require a 2XL, you are unlikely to notice the difference. If you have a huge number of customers, you'll need to raise your prices accordingly. It may not be something you enjoy, yet it's a common habit... in which case you'd better get psyched up! 

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend our customers to budget an additional $2 for 2XL, $3 for 3XL, and so on. This isn't a foolproof method, but it gives you a starting point for planning your finances. 

Keep in mind that you'll need to pay for shipping. 

Shipping is free for most online T-shirt design businesses. Shipping costs are normally included in the price of a shirt, however, this isn't always the case 

In some cases, paying for postage is preferable to saving money on each T-shirt by always opting for free shipping. Take the time to consider all of your options before deciding. 


Knowing how much you're going to pay a t-shirt printing firm is critical if you want to have some shirts printed to promote your company, organization, or for your employees. In this article, we have indicated that the cost of printing custom t-shirts is not a fixed amount of money. Factors such as the number of tees to be printed, how many colors are in your design, and how many tees you order will determine how much you pay for your t-shirt printing service. In order to find the most value for your money, it's usually best to shop around for t-shirt printing firms before making a final decision.

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