How to install Keywords Everywhere chrome extension?


How to use Keywords Everywhere
Hi welcome to Techtaunsa, in this article, I will tell you how to set up keywords everywhere and why more than one million users are actively using it for effective keyword research every single day.

Keywords everywhere is a freemium browser extension that works on Google, YouTube, Amazon, eBay and loads of other websites.

 To get started you first need to install either the chrome extension or the Firefox add-on.

How to use Keywords Everywhere

Click on the install for chrome button if you're using the chrome browser or the install for Firefox button if you're using Firefox.

Once you have installed the extension you will notice that the keywords everywhere icon shows up at the top right portion of your browser.

On chrome you might need to click the jigsaw puzzle icon and then click the pin icon next to Keywords Everywhere. Once done you should see the keywords everywhere icon showing up.

How to use Keywords Everywhere

If you plan to use our tool as a free user then you don't need to follow any other steps. You should be able to view all the free data on Google, YouTube and other websites.

How to install Keywords Everywhere chrome extension?

If you'd like to use this tool as a paid user you will need to purchase credits. To do so before you can purchase credits you need to set up an API key.

 Think of the API key as a password that authenticates the tool for you.

To get your API key go to website and click on the link at the top called get API key.

How to install Keywords Everywhere chrome extension?

At this page you need to enter your email address and click the email me the API key button. Once done you will be sent an email with the API key, sometimes it takes up to 10 minutes for the email to arrive at your inbox.

                                      How to install Keywords Everywhere chrome extension?

Do make sure that you check your spam or junk folder as well. If you don't see the email after 10 minutes scroll down on the page and click the resend me the email button.

How to install Keywords Everywhere chrome extension?

 Once you've got your email click the link in the email to be taken to official website here you will see your API key, click the copy button and then click the Keywords Everywhere icon shown at the top right hand of your browser.


A menu will then open up simply click the settings link and at the top of the settings page paste your API key. Once you have pasted your key you need to click on the validate button and a message will then show that the API key is valid.

Now when you click on the Keywords Everywhere icon at the top right of your browser, the pop-up that opens up will show you a link to buy credits, clicking on this will take you to the pricing page on the Keywords Everywhere website.

Here you can purchase as many credits as you want credits expire within a year unless you are a power user ten dollars worth of credits should easily last you the entire year.

How to install Keywords Everywhere chrome extension?

Once you've made the payment you can click on the Keywords Everywhere icon and the pop-up will now show you how many credits you currently have. You are now ready to view the paid features.

 You can set up your API key on multiple browsers and machines and it will authenticate you everywhere if you want a colleague or an assistant to use your credits.

You can simply share your API key with them. Once they're done or if you want to stop them from continuing to use your API key, you can always reset it easily right through website. You can also share the same API key among a bunch of team members.

                               How to install Keywords Everywhere chrome extension?

This website has big companies that use Keywords Everywhere in this particular fashion. The team leader signs up for an API key purchases credits and then shares the same API key with the entire team as credits get used up, the team lead needs to just refill the credits in one place and it will fill up for everyone on the team.

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