Benefits to Having a Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

 Hand sanitizer dispensers have become necessary at each and every place. Either it's any commercial place or any non-commercial place, hand sanitizer dispensers are compulsory in this covid era.

As compared to manual dispensers, touch free sanitizer dispensers are much more effective. They are more hygienic and safe to use. They are equipped with an infrared sensor which detects the hands under it and provides the right amount of sanitizer.

Benefits to Having a Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Why a Touchfree Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?

Your hands contain a lot of germs and bacteria if they are dirty. When you touch any object with those dirty hands even that object gets infected with germs.

 So when you touch the manual dispenser, germs remain on it and after that when any other person touches it then their hands also get infected. 

Therefore a better option is to use a touch free hand sanitizer dispenser everywhere. 

It is favourable to make use of these dispensers in high traffic areas. While if you are using at home for personal use then even manual dispensers are the right choice. You can choose the wall-mounted dispenser or can go for a tabletop.    

Types of Hand Sanitizer

Before you get a sanitizer you should know that there are different types of sanitizers and different dispensers for them. 


Gel-based Sanitizer: The most popular one which everyone started to use is a gel-based sanitizer. 

You just need to take a small amount of the gel and rub it all over the palms covering the tips of your fingers to kill all the germs and bacteria present on your hand.

 You can fill it in the sanitizer dispenser machine and keep it in your home or office.  

Liquid-based Sanitizer: Another type of sanitizer is the liquid sanitizer. They usually come in a spray bottle as they are easy to use as a spray. 

You just require to spray the sanitizer on your palm and rub it properly till it completely vanishes. There are spray sanitizer dispensers available in the market in which you can fill them.   

Foam-based Sanitizer: One more type other than liquid and gel is foam. As its name suggests, the sanitizer dispenser in white foam consistency from the dispenser.

 Take the foam in your hand and rub it all over the palm. It vanishes quickly as compared to gel and liquid, therefore it takes very less time to use.   


Benefits of Touch Free Sanitizer Dispenser 

Here are some of the benefits of touch free hand sanitizer dispensers which makes it one of the most useful devices. 

Easy to Access

The dispenser is easily accessible without any effort. Whether they are installed on the wall or are kept on the table, they should be easily reachable by everyone. 

The automatic sanitizer dispenser is made in such a way that kids and adults, all of them can use it. 

Some of the manual dispensers may be complex to use but it is not with this one as they are completely simple and easy to use.    


These sanitizer dispensers are highly durable and are a cost-effective investment. These touchless dispensers are designed to operate easily without any extra effort. This reduces the minimal contact of people with germs and bacteria.

 You just need to put your hand under it and the dispenser will provide you with the required amount of soap.

 They are made from high quality ABS material and stainless steel that are long-lasting.  


Time and Energy Saver

The dispensers are time saver and energy saver. You don’t need to press the button or push it to get the sanitizer. Just put your hand under it and within seconds you will get it in your hand. 

It will dispense the right amount and will shut off after providing the sanitizer. You just need to install it at the right place and then use it whenever you want to clean your hands. It is a perfect solution when you don’t have soap and water.   


Improves Hygiene

This touchless soap dispenser also improves hygiene in the surrounding area. Whether it’s your home or your office, you must maintain proper hygiene in the surroundings to reduce the risk of germs and bacteria. 

You don’t know if any staff is infected in the office or not, therefore being precautious from the beginning is all that you need. Installing an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser at the main door or near the entrance is of great importance.     


Eliminates Contact Point

The touchless dispenser is a great device to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. It eliminates contact points as no one touches it and the dirt doesn’t transfer from one person to another.

 The machine also helps you to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria which causes cold and flu in winter. 

This stands to be one of the most convenient benefits of a sanitizer dispenser. This is why you should have a touchless sanitizer dispenser.    


Replaceable Headers

Another benefit of a touch free hand sanitizer dispenser is that it has changeable headers. You can easily replace the header of the machine or can refill it with the gel sanitizer to use it again.

 It is a more favourable device as you don’t need to get bottles of sanitizer every month. It saves your expense and even keeps the place eco-friendly without using more plastic bottles every month. It is a one time and cost-effective investment.       

Modern Appeal

Apart from all the benefits of the dispenser, one more thing which it indicates is a modern appearance. 

The contactless sanitizers make your place look stylish and elegant as it matches conveniently with the interiors of your place.

 Also the sanitizer machine is available in a variety of colors from which you can select the most appropriate that perfectly suits and matches your place. The most common colors are black and white as it matches everywhere. 


Touchless sanitizer dispensers are always the right choice for every place. So if you are planning to get one then give prior preference to the touchless machine or else for low traffic areas and while travelling the mini sanitizer bottles are the right choice.

 High traffic areas such as malls and office premises must install the touchless sanitizer dispensers. 


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