Atomic Email Extractor Vs Atomic Lead Extractor

The company has a strong need for potential customers. However, the cost of a new customer is quite high. How to reduce customer acquisition costs? El. Email Marketing Solution: Connect with your digital growth target audience through cheap and efficient email mail. One question: how to find their contacts? AtomPark software offers 5 programs to find emails. The most popular tools are Atomic Email Extractor and Atomic Lead Extractor. We offer a full comparison of 2 products to make your choice easier.

Atomic Email Extractor Vs Atomic Lead Extractor

Atomic Email Extractor is a simple and easy email extractor, email address finder.

Atomic Lead Extractor is a flexible program that can search for a variety of contact information using additional plug-ins. The basic version, which only searches for email addresses, price is the same as Atomic Email Extractor.

So what's the difference? In this article, you will find a table that summarizes all the features of the software. Choose the most suitable one!

Which one of the atomic parsers suits your business best?

Contact Information Search                 Atomic Email Extractor                  Atomic lead Extractor

Email addresses                                               +                                                        +

Phone & fax numbers                                      -                                                         +

Skype contacts                                                  -                                                        +

Messenger, Yahoo Messenger                         -                                                         +

Search flexibility                                 Atomic Email Extractor                 Atomic lead Extractor

Search on a website                                         +                                                            +

Search on a specified website with authorization                                            +                                                            +

Search in list                                                    +                                                            +

Search by Keywords                                        +                                                             +

Ability to exclude part of the URL from the search                                         +                                                             +

Ability to exclude domains from the search                                     +                                                             +

Ability to set the search depth relative to the start page                           +                                                             +

Ability to exclude specified file types from the search                                   +                                                                             +

Search query logging                                                             +                                                                             +

Search pause and resume                                                       +                                                                                    +

  Export                                   Atomic Email Extractor                                         Atomic lead Extractor

Duplicate removal                                             +                                                                                                          +

Export contacts to clipboard                             +                                                                                                           +

Export contacts to MS excel                             +                                                                                                           +

Export contacts to Calc and Writer                   +                                                                                                           +

  Price                                          Atomic Email Extractor                                  Atomic lead Extractor


Price (Basic)                                                                           35$                                                                      $30

Plugin for extracting phone numbers and faxes                                                                                                               +

Plugin for Skype                                                                     -                                                                                   +

Plugin for yahoo contacts                                                               -                                                                                    +



Atomic Email Extractor Vs Atomic Lead Extractor

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